In 1979 I happened to visit The Metropolitan Museum in New York City. "Intimate Landscapes", an exhibition of colour photographs by Eliot Porter was on display. I was thrilled by the beauty of his images of the natural world. That was it for me. Photography has been my creative outlet and avocation ever since.

Porter refers to the "magic of restlessness" in the natural world. Acknowledging this, yet seeking visual order within the randomness, continues to give me great personal aesthetic pleasure.


In 1979 I was given a gift of Freeman Patterson's "Photography For the Joy of It", a rather perplexing gift, since I had expressed no interest in photography and did not own a camera beyond an Instamatic. Not long after, while banding birds on the sandspit of Long Point in Lake Erie, I witnessed breathtakingly beautiful evening light over the marsh. Expressing to my companion that I would love to be able to preserve that sight he said "you can, buy a real camera". So, I bought a real camera, opened Freeman's book and started my photographic journey.